Get Involved

Our Motto: One step can change a life

Use your voice, knowledge, and actions to support a cause and bring about positive change in society. Advocate on any of our key areas of intervention.

CIPaD volunteer program takes you into the field to make an impact for communities in need.

Fuel our work through these online fundraising tools created just for you.

Cultural Exchange Intern Programs (CEIP) are designed to allow students of degree-seeking programs or recent graduates from foreign universities to come to the Ghana to gain exposure to Ghanaian culture and to gain professional experience in their chosen field of study. 

Join our team today and become a part of our impactful organization, working together to make a positive difference in the lives of communities and create lasting change.

Are you organising a corporate or social event. Do you want to use the event to speak on a social issue? Book a CIPAD speaker for your event now.

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