What We Do

Our Motto: One step can change a life

Health is at the heart of so much of the world’s poverty and suffering. When communities don’t have enough food, when they depend on unsafe water sources, when they don’t have access to reliable health support, every life suffers.

With access to quality education, both children and adults become lifelong learners, transform their communities and experience life in all its fullness. We work with communities and local governments to address the barriers to a quality education for all.

Planting seeds for a more prosperous future by providing the training, support, and resources needed to improve incomes and expand opportunities.

The climate crisis is affecting everyone, but girls and boys in the most vulnerable communities are bearing the brunt of the impacts despite being the least responsible for it. Nearly children across the globe are now living in the countries at extremely high risk of climate change and environmental hazards.

Children are born with the same dignity, citizenship and rights as adults. Children experience poverty differently than adults do because of their vulnerability and lack of legal and economic status in society.

Disasters, whether natural or manmade, often lead to food insecurity. Approximately 821 million people, or just over one in nine, live in hunger. Poor nutrition is an underlying cause of nearly 2.4 million childhood deaths each year.

CIPaD works to builds the capacity of individuals, communities and partners in good governance and social accountability so that the target beneficiaries could participate meaningfully in decision-making process that affects their lives and engage constructively with policy makers and duty bearers to be accountable for their stewardship.

Over 650 million people in sub-Saharan Africa still use unimproved drinking water sources and without sanitation. CIPaD works to promote sustainable hygiene practices through initiatives often referred to as water, sanitation and hygiene or WASH programs.

Migration has always happened and always will. It has long been a risky undertaking, which leaves many people very vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, whether they are moving inside their own countries or to new ones.

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